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    She let out another muffled scream against the cloth, trying to kick and wiggle away from him. Just the way the man s hands caressed her cheek, down her shoulders and around her back made it look like he already completely adored her.

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  • Megan had to admit that the woman had terrific green eyes, unlike Megan s boring brown ones. Maybe he s been watching you for the past 106 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story few days since he s first seen you.
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    Funny things kids say…

    William sits down on the toilet seat and winces…

    Mom asks: “What’s wrong Will?”

    Will replies: “The seat is cold.  Someone should have sat here today.”

    Mom just laughs…

    William and the things he says…

    A couple of weeks ago we were driving in the car and Steve asked Will what he would like to be when he grows up.

    He replied “A Doctor”.

    Steve then asks “What do you have to learn to be a Doctor?”

    Will says without hesitation…”That you have to wait to see him”

    Darn they pick up things fast don’t they!!

    Summer 2009

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  • But Blake didn t show up and that gave him one thing to be grateful for.

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  • This summer has brought many changes…Daddy now works out of the house which is so different than what we were used to.  But it has brought some good changes to the daily routine.  Will and Ellie seem to listedn a little better because they are not pitting one parent against the other!!  In the morning Ellie likes to help Daddy pack his breakfast to go in his brief case.  1 banana, 1 apple and 1 Cereal bar oh and a napkin!!  We miss Daddy terribly but when he comes home he usually gets a really nice greeting at the door!!

    William had his first swimming lessons this summer at OPRF and really did well.  He gained some confidence in the water as well as an understanding how to go underwater and not drink the pool!  Lol!  Going to Rehm got a whole lot more fun!  Especially when his friends Sophia and Elliot show up!!

    We have had lots of fun on the weekends!  With trips to the pool and the zoo we are rarely not busy on the weekends.  On July 26 we went to see our first “rock” concert at the Morton Arboretum…We saw Ralph’s World and had a very good time.  Ellie liked to dance and Will went up on stage to play air guitar with Ralph himself!!  Afterwards he decided he’d like to be a rock star and play the bass guitar!!  Then the next weekend (August 1st) our Minnesota cousins came (Susan, Elizabeth, Addie, and Faith) to visit us!  We took them downtown one day, then on a train ride, then a lovely family dinner.  The next day we took the girls to the zoo and art supply shopping!  Then we had a lovely family BBQ with Rich, Mary and all the cousins!!  Will and Ellie had sooooo much fun with their cousins that they didn’t want them to leave or go to bed!!  Then I took the girls to the John Hancock building and we saw Chicago at night, fireworks and all!!

    The summer is almost over and Will is looking forward to school again…I am looking forward to a few more fun things before this summer ends.  Maybe Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine, Kiddieland to name a couple.  The kids are growing so fast and are interested in so many things!!  Ellie loves music and Will is into his gardening!  We have thriving tomato plants in the back yard, what remains to be seen is if we will get any fruit from the plants!!  Ellie is a chatter box these days and it’s so much fun to have a conversation with her!

    Ellie’s 2nd Birthday

    We had a really nice BBQ for Ellie’s birthday on Saturday…Lot’s of neighbors and friends, our backyard has never looked so good!  I was so pleased that the BBQ turned out so well on such short notice!  Ellie loved her cake and ate it with pride!  We had just perfect mix of kids of a varity of ages that all got along!!  Then on Sunday we took it easy and just hung out, the four of us.  After Ellie’s nap we gave her one of her two big presents, the Cozy Coup!  She squealed with delight when she saw it and ran right for it and did not get out of it for the rest of the afternoon.  Many including Will were crushed she would not share, but since it was her birthday I didn’t think it was bad!  She is such a delight!

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  • At least he knew that there was no way Edwards could find him.
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  • Her jaw fell open in surprise and her heart skipped a beat as she stared up at him.
  • Lucas had nothing to do with what had happened to your friend. Yes, the Fairfaxes are back in full, the both of them, she said.

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  • William tells Daddy a story….

    Once upon a time there was a vaccuum cleaner it went around and ate all the dirt.  Then it burped and all the dirt came back out.  The End!

    That was too cute not to make a note of it!!  Our boy is growing so fast!!  Third week of Pre School and he is just blossoming so nicely.

    Funny things kids say….

    This morning Will woke up and came out of his room smiling….And Steve says “Will I am so happy to see you this morning” and Will replies “Yeah Dad I was busy sleeping.”  Too cute.  Then I go to get Ellie from her room and she is patiently waiting for me and she says “HI”.  Talk about making my day!!

    Things that happen overnight!!

    One day I am watching Ellie crawl and the next day she is walking.  Last week she got her first pair of shoes and seems to be doing very well with them.  They are pink!!

    One day Will is crying he doesn’t want to use the toilet and the next day he is all about using the toilet!  Now he wears underwear not pull-up diapers!!  It is a rewarding feeling and yet strange because I feel he did it with little or no help from me.  I was just the nagger!!  I guess the method we used worked, what method that was exactly I don’t know.  We basically just let him do it on his own time table!

    Will and Ellie are growing so fast and it seems that things just happen overnight!  I am so thankfull that I get to be here each day to see the changes!

    Will and his funny phrases…

    Some of his latest phrases….

    “Just give me a second” when he is in the bathroom going or washing his hands.

    “May I to have some more milk…..please”

    “Actually it is” is a big phrase as well.  Not pertaining to anything in-particular but just in general if he is trying to get something from you or tell you you are wrong.  Ha like I am wrong!

    Naturally flavored with other natural flavors!

    WTF is this suppose to mean.  I mean if it’s natural wouldn’t they just say natural flavors?  I found this so odd that they (Gerber) brands their product with this phrase.  Generally this phrase would be a red flag that maybe the product is not so tasty, but in this case the product tastes yummy.